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James GIn

James May Gin London Drizzle 70 cl

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Premium craft gin developed by two men in a shed in Wiltshire. Our newest gin is available to order now.

“So stunningly good and has the most amazing aroma of any gin I have sampled” Ian F.

Since most gins are designated ‘London Dry’ - and London generally isn’t, James came up with the idea of making one that evoked ‘the smell of rain on a hot pavement in Regent’s Park.’ That distinctive scent that hangs in the air, just as those first drops of rain hit the ground on a summer day is called ‘petrichor’.  One of the key components of petrichor is also present in beetroot - so we’ve combined that with lovage, bay, orange, and ginger to create a gin designed to instantly invoke the majesty of our Sceptered Isle.

As Samuel Pepys may have observed: “Ye Aprile raine falling pon the hot paving seemed drearisome, but gave off so fweet a fmell that my hearte was greatly uplifted, and I thought unto myfelf that ‘twould one daye make for an bangyng gyn.’

ALC 40%

Serving Suggestion

50ml London drizzle

50ml beetroot juice

25ml apple juice 

25ml sugar syrup

All shaken over ice and double strained into a chilled martini glass


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