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The Celebrity Drinks Collection is the online Celebrity wine and Celebrity spirits  Drinks Collection for the finest Celebrity wines and latest news from the wine makers behind the Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits.  

The Celebrity Drinks Collection

 With the sole aim of bringing you the finest celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits that are available we have dedicated our online wine and spirits store to make the choice of what to buy easy for you.

Each celebrity wine and Celebrity spirit has been chosen for it’s quality. We have a unique Celebrity wines list and also Celebrity spirits list (Celebrity whiskey, Celebrity Gin coming soon).

These include celebrity wines from Kylie Minogue who has her own beautiful collection of Celebrity of wines: The Kylie Minogue  Côtes de Provence Cru Classé Rosé wonderfully smooth bursting with delicate red berry flavours, Kylie Minogue Margaret River Chardonnay - a superb example of the Chardonnay grape variety, Kylie Minogue Merlot - a smooth and delicious celebrity red wine that is very moreish, Kylie Minogue Organic Brut Reserva Cava - Spanish fizz at it's finest.  Also, the impressive fine bubbles from the Princess of pop in her Celebrity Prosecco with the delicious  Kyie Minogue Prosecco and finally the delightfully refreshing Celebrity white wine the Kylie Minogue Sauvignon Blanc.

It’s not just pop star (Kylie Minogue wine), famous cricketers ( Sir Ian Botham wines) and Micheline started chefs ( Gordon Ramsay wines) that are producing their own range of celebrity wines.

Sir Ian Botham Wines

Ian Botham not only one of England’s greatest cricketers he also has a large collection of celebrity wines in the form of his Botham range, he is a true Celebrity wine champion! Uniquely these Celebrity wines from Sir Ian Botham wines are also linked to his cricketing achievements and they have been named as so. Try the impressive Botham Allrounder Chardonnay or the delicious English sparkling rosé made with Balfour winery. Botham wines also include the 78 Series Limited Edition Central Otago Pinot Noir, the Botham 80 Series Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon which is a delicious red wine, the Botham 80 Series Shiraz another delightful full bodied Celebrity wine, 

Gordon Ramsay Wines

Gordan Is not only one of the worlds top chefs he is also a passionate wine fan and has his own range of celebrity wines too. The Gordon Ramsay wine range include the Vibrante Bianco  a pioneering, cross-regional Italian white blend or the Gordon Ramsay Intenso Rosso - for all red wine lovers! These are Celebrity white wines and Celebrity red wines at their best.

These Celebrity wines from Gordan Ramsay wines have been made particularly to suit many different food pairing and with Gordon Ramsay’s expertise as a world leading Michelin star chef you can’t go wrong with his range of Celerity wines.

 Gary Barlow Organic Wine

The famous pop star Gary Barlow from take That fame has released two celebrity wines called the Gary Barlow organic White wine and also Gary Barlow red wine.

Graham Norton

Graham Norton is also a big celebrity wine fan and has released his own range of Celebrity wines and Celebrity spirits called the Graham Norton’s own collection which includes Graham Norton rosé, Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc, Graham Norton Prosecco.

Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP X 

Sarah Jessica Parker has also joined in with her own range of celebrity wines, the Sarah Jessica Parker wine range ( SJP and invivino X).

The Celebrity Drinks Collection is an ever changing Celebrity wine, Celebrity Gin, Celebrity Whiskey, Celebrity Champagne, Celebrity Prosecco list and will be constantly updated with new celebrity wines and celebrity spirits.

We want to make it easy for you to source all of these Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Drinks so we have provided a unique Celebrity Wine list and Celebrity Spirits list available in one place at The Celebrity Drinks Collection.

There are many more Celebrity wines and spirits see the full list here.

Shop for the best Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits

We have carefully chosen Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits that have been selected for their outstanding quality and provenance.  We aim to provide expert advice and inspirational content straight from the Celebrities and winemakers themselves.

The Celebrity Drinks Collection has many different Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits available. It is a curated Celebrity wine collection that is updated continuously by working closely with the finest Celebrity Wine producers. Our goal is to epitomise and showcase these superb and world leading wines and spirits  that the Celebrity wines and Celebrity spirits  produce. 

Passionate about Celebrity Wine and Celebrity Spirits

The Celebrity Drinks Collection is more than just a Celebrity wine shop. We are want to share information, explore the ideas about the 'why' these Celebrity wines and Celebrity spirits came into being.  As a result, we hope to produce interviews and features on our blog that explore the many connections that the Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits have sered. From famous brand partnerships, high profile wine list on leading restaurants to being available all over the world.  

The Celebrity Drinks Collection's team

The Celebrity Drinks Collection is curated, edited and served by an independent team, drawing on knowledge from the people behind the Celebrity wines. We explore the reason for each Celebrity wine or Celebrity spirit to help your choice of buying and securing the best Celebrity wines and finest celebrity spirits as easy as possible.

The Celebrity Drinks Collection is based solely online, providing a global reach via our online store, all of our Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits are delivered from our our own stock via a trackable courier service.

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'The place to buy great Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits' - The Celebrity Drinks Collection is aiming to be the world’s largest curated collection of Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits that are available all in one online store. 

Far from just being  a 'flash in pan moment' these Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits have developed to become world leading and indeed world beating. Each Celebrity Drinks brand is backed by a dedicated team of enthusiastic wine makers and as such they are being praised throughout the world.

These Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits are produced by both small and large teams with each team member ( including the Celebrities) providing their personal passion to the max.

We scour the best of the best Celebrity wine and Celebrity Drinks brands to put them all in one place for you, simplifying the process of finding, securing and buying great Celebrity wine and Celebrity spirits.

These are the finest Celebrity wines for each palette, every party, office do and of course all occasions. Put simply the finest range of Celebrity wine and Celebrity spirits all in one place.

Celebrity wine and Celebrity Spirits have arrived!

When you make a purchase from the Celebrity Drinks collection, you’re undoubtably exploring a new world of wine and spirits - but not for long! 

The Celebrity Drinks Collection provides tailored Celebrity wine lists for your event and all parties, we can also provide a unique Celebrity wine list for your wedding too. 

The Celebrity Drinks Collection is the place for the finest Celebrity Wines and Celebrity Spirits.

All of the Celebrity wines are delivered by a trackable express courier service securely wrapped and packed in special 'Pulptec' packaging that is 100% recyclable!

Our passion for Celebrity wine is the driving force behind sharing these wonderful Celebrity drinks.  All of the Celebrity Wines, including the Celebrity Prosecco and Celebrity spirits that we stock have been selected for their fine examples of quality and they are often award winning too.

Here at The Celebrity Drinks Collection we're doing our part to promote these wonderful Celebrity wines and Celebrity Spirits.

How do we do this? By staying on top of the latest Celebrity wine news ( whats coming next etc), the latest Celebrity wine releases (vintage after vintage!), sharing the stories behind the finest Celebrity owned Vineyards and Celebrity wine interviews.

The Celebrity Wine industry is fast becoming one of the major players in the ever changing world of wine. 

With so many Celebrity Wines out there were do you start?

This has been one of the driving forces behind The Celebrity Drinks Collection. We have made that choice of finding and buying Celebrity Wine and Celebrity Spirits easier by curating the best Celebrity wine list available and all in one online store. The celebrity Drinks Collection has the finest Celebrity Wines to be found all in one place. Most importantly ever celebrity wine we represent, is a stamp of quality and class. The Celebrity Wines we have selected are the finest Celebrity wines available, tried and tasted reay for you to buy.
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Celebrity wines include:

Sir Ian Botham wine range, Gary Barlow Organic wines, Gordon Ramsay wines, Graham Norton wines, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP x Invino), Kylie Minogue and more to come!