Graham Norton’s wine collection

Graham Norton’s wine collection

What you need to know about Graham Norton’s wine collection

Irish actor, author, comedian, commentator, and presenter, Graham Norton, has become something of a national treasure over the years, famous for his eponymous celebrity chat show as well as his sassy commentary of the Eurovision Song Contest. Recognisable not only for his wit but by his bold fashion statements, Norton has a certain je ne sais quoi in the style department, so it's perhaps little wonder that this household name and arbiter of opinion and taste might venture into the world of wine, a journey which began with the first vintage in 2014.

Graham Norton’s journey into the world of wine   

It's perhaps fitting that Norton chose to work in collaboration with Invivo & Co, whose brand tagline reflects his own ability to say it like it is: '100% bullsh** free since 2008'. One of New Zealand's leading producers, they are dedicated to cutting through the fluff of traditional wine companies, to deliver a combination of good humour, good nature and good drinks.

Norton is a shareholder in Invivo wines and works proactively alongside creators Tim and Rob, blending different wines and gins that are sold around the world. The journey began in 2011, when Tim and Rob contacted Norton knowing he was a fan of a good Sauvignon Blanc. They soon began working together and since then the products have received multiple accolades and are recognised as a reputable brand.

Norton is fastidious about knowing what's in the bottle with his own name on it, and he's very clear about what he likes. He told TodayFM: "For me, that's kind of the important thing that I'm able to put my name to these bottles of wine and go 'I know what's in that bottle and I think it's delicious'. [...] I feel like I can say 'that is my wine' and I can stand by it." 

What the reviews say about Graham Norton’s wine

Of course, no matter how famous the name on the label, if you really want to know about a wine, the critics are the people to turn to. In that regard, Cameron Diaz seems to be winning. 

"An exuberant fruit-filled Prosecco with refreshing red apples and pears. A great way to kick-start a dinner party, or with friends on a sunny evening.” - The Irish Times on Graham Norton’s Own SparklinG ItaliaN Prosecco Extra Dry

“This is a really good expression of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It’s aromatic with some passionfruit and grapefruit on the nose, as well as a touch of tomato leaf. In the mouth, it’s zesty and lively, with bright citrus fruit, a hint of green, some grapefruit and a lovely tropical twist. I’m quite impressed: it has focus, and a good concentration of flavour.” - Wine Anorak on Graham Norton’s Own Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Marlborough, New Zealand 

Graham Norton’s Wine Collection

Graham Norton Rosé


The Graham Norton rosé is Packed with delicious red berry fruit as you would expect from a  Graham Norton rosé. This rosé is full and round but with the right amount of crisp firm structure to make it a superstar with dinner, lunch, or brunch! 

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Graham Norton Shiraz

nviting from the outset, pronounced aromas of blackberries and toasty oak fill the glass with a hint and excitement of what’s to come. This deeply flavoured red wine is incredibly pleasing with its velvety smooth tannins and soft texture, this is a red wine lover’s dream.

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Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc

A brilliantly expressed white wine, the Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc has a gorgeously aromatic bouquet that shows rockmelon, nectarine, Gala apple and lime zest aroma. This is followed by an intensely flavoursome palate that’s juicy and finely textured. It’s upfront and bold with loads of delectable flavours.

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Graham Norton Prosecco

This Award-winning extra-dry Prosecco produced from 100% Glera grapes is incredibly light and fresh with aromas of white flowers and a hint of citrus. Sweet scented floral notes on the palate are followed by a beautiful crisp finish.

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