David Beckham's Whisky Collection

David Beckham's Whisky Collection

'Haig Club is all about making your own rules and breaking the stereotypes associated with drinking Scotch, which I love.' - David Beckham

What you need to know about the David Beckham whisky collection

A man who needs no introduction, David Beckham OBE is one of the most famous footballers on the planet. Currently co-owner of Inter Miami CF and co-owner of Salford City, the former pro player has built a life in the public eye, with pop-star-turned-fashion-designer wife, Victoria, and four children. Having acquired a taste for the finer things in life, one of his more recent passions is Scotch whisky, leading to his own partnership with premium brand, Haig Club. Here's what you need to know.

David Beckham's journey into the world of Whisky  

Always ahead of the curve, David Beckham entered the world of celebrity endorsed drinks in 2014, well before many of his counterparts. No stranger to being approached by different brands, Beckham says that having developed a taste for Scotch post-football, he felt a particular affinity for the Haig family and the Haig Club product as soon as they approached him. 


The brand has a family history going back 400 years and Beckham says he loved the heritage, the taste and also the commitment to design. After all, the brand's blue bottle is distinctive, and we all know Beckham has a penchant for individual style. 

Since he partnered with Haig Club, he has committed time and energy to being proactively involved with the whisky's development and its branding. He is committed to changing the perception of whisky and promoting it amongst a wider audience beyond the traditional drinker. 

What the reviews say about Haig Club whisky

"Approachable, adaptable, good mouthfeel (I chucked some ice in afterwards and the texture was great). A hugely accessible whisky with tasty spice, toffee and, with the ice now, increasingly some tropical fruit notes too." - Master of Malt

"It stands for exploration, not for whisky drinkers, collectors, or connoisseurs, but for an up and coming, Millennial, and mostly Asian consumer who is on a journey of flavour exploration like never before." - Great Drams

David Beckham's Whisky collection



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