Cameron Diaz’s Avaline wine collection

Cameron Diaz’s Avaline wine collection

What you need to know about Cameron Diaz’s Avaline wine collection

Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous women in the world. An American actress, she rose to fame in the ‘90s with films including The Mask alongside Jim Carey and My Best Friend's Wedding alongside Julia Roberts, but gained full fledged star status in 1998 for her performance in the box office smash There's Something About Mary. In 2018 she retired from acting and shifted her focus to other projects, including the launch of her wine brand Avaline, alongside entrepreneur Katherine Power in 2019. 

Cameron Diaz’s journey into the world of wine   

Unlike many celebrities, for Cameron Diaz her Avaline wine label is her primary focus rather than a side hustle. Its headline information is that it's a clean wine brand made with organic grapes and free of additives like powdered tannins, which help with fermentation.  

Diaz and Power are said to have forged a friendship over a shared love of wine and wellness, but as they focused increasingly on the quality of food products and other lifestyle habits, they realised that wine was a harder space to find what they were looking for. 

Not knowing much about the industry, they flew to Europe to meet organic grape farmers and winemakers to find the people who specialised in the taste profile they were interested in, to find people to work with them. The result is a truly international brand - their white wine is from Spain, their rosé from France. Then they put together their message. Diaz told Harper's Bazaar: 

"Our first step with Avaline was to create a wine that had the standards of winemaking that we wanted, but also to really just speak to the customer who values that in what they consume—like us." 

Avaline launched in July 2020, mid-COVID-19 pandemic, and has since entered more than 5,000 retail locations in the USA.

What the reviews say about Avaline wine

Of course, no matter how famous the name on the label, if you really want to know about a wine, the critics are the people to turn to. In that regard, Cameron Diaz seems to be winning. 

"When it comes to whites, I like mine crisp and dry — so I was definitely pleased when I took my first sip of Avaline White Wine. It's light and fresh, with citrus notes that linger. The blend of Spanish grapes was flavourful and perfect for easy drinking, which made it a big hit at a recent family gathering.” - Alida Araica, Pop Sugar

“Love this vegan wine! Great Light taste and pairs well with almost anything! Does not give me a headache like some other wines do. Feel good knowing it uses good grapes as well” - Karen, Influenster 

Cameron Diaz’s wine collection

Avaline Red

Avaline Red wine is made with organic grapes, vegan friendly, low sugar and free of unwanted additives.  Cameron Diaz's favorite Red: it has a light to medium body with hints of cherry and a touch of spice.

Made with Grenache - Smooth and lean, this grape has black cherry aromas, tart raspberry jam on the palette and a hint of cinnamon on the finish

Also Syrah - Bold and inky grape, adding structure to the blend along with notes of plum, fresh cracked peppercorn and ripe blackberry

Pairs well with: Candlelight and a starry night

A delicious Celebrity red wine with a light to medium body.

Avaline White

An everyday, easy-drinking White. It’s dry with a touch of citrus and a crisp, fresh finish.

The grapes: 

Xarel-lo - Adds acidity to the wine, gives it a hint of sea spray and rounds out with some tangy lemon tart vibes

Pairs well with: Fresh cut flowers and your favorite meal


Avaline Rosé


Light, fresh (and French) with notes of melon and zest. The best Rosé Katherine has ever had!

The grapes: 

Grenache - A staple of Provence, the Grenache grape adds vibrance to our blend through its expression of stone fruit and tropical fruit flavors

Cinsault - A low sugar grape, Cinsault helps keep our alcohol low while adding a peachy cantaloupe color and tart cherry to the finish of the blend

Caladoc - This grape is to thank for our Rosé's appealing color and delicately expressive mouthfeel, where spices mingle with nectarine blossoms

Syrah - Sweet and spicy, Syrah helps round out the other grapes and brings a light peppery finish

Cabernet Sauvignon - Cabernet brings complexity to our blend, adding spice, red currants, and grapefruit flavors

Pairs well with: The warmth of the sun and the company of your best friend

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